Chaffee County Declared Local Disaster Emergency

Decker Fire Methodist Mountain

Chaffee County has declared a Local Disaster Emergency in response to the growth of the Decker Wildfire.

Greg Felt, acting Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners issued the following statement:

“The cost and magnitude of responding to and recovering from the impact of the ongoing dry conditions, high winds, and Decker fire is far in excess of the County’s available resources.

In light of the ongoing risk to public health and safety, at this time it is necessary to declare a local disaster emergency. The Director of the Office of Emergency Management has full authority to assign county personnel duties not in their job descriptions, expend financial resources, use emergency procurement procedures, suspend and re-assign any county operations or policy to provide full support to the emergency response.”

Greg Felt, acting Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners

The Decker Fire crested over Methodist Mountain late last night causing the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office to order evacuations.

There is a Red Flag Fire Warning and an Air Quality Health Advisory has been issued.

Heart of the Rockies Radio will continue to update information as it becomes available.

Terry West

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