Winter Sports Schedule

Salida and Buena Vista Basketball (Image courtesy of Forest Photography,

Here’s the official 2023 – 2024 Heart of the Rockies Radio winter sports schedule!

The Buena Vista Demons and Denver Broncos can be heard on Eagle Country 104, and the home of the Salida Spartans is The Peak 92.3. All games are simulcast on-air and online.

November 2023

StationDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
PEAKNov. 28thCenter at Salida (DH)BB6:00p + 7:30p5:45p
EAGLENov. 28thBV at Lake County (DH)BB5:00p + 6:30p4:45p
EAGLENov. 29thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLENov. 30thFlorence at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p

December 2023

StationDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
PEAKDec. 1stSalida at Sanford (DH)BB5:00p + 6:30p4:45p
BOTHDec. 1stDual – Basalt at SalidaWR5:00pN/A
BOTHDec. 2ndBV Home TournamentWR9amN/A
EAGLEDec. 3rdDenver at HoustonBRONCOS2:05p1:05p
PEAKDec. 5thEllicott at Salida (DH)BB6p + 7:30p5:45p
EAGLEDec. 5thBV at Gunnison (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEDec. 6thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEDec. 7thDel Norte at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
PEAKDec. 8thSalida at Centauri (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
BOTHDec. 9thRob Mickel Wrestling Tourn.WR9amN/A
EAGLEDec. 10thDenver at LA ChargersBRONCOS2:25p1:25p
PEAKDec. 12thSalida at Vanguard (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEDec. 13thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKDec. 14thSalida at Pagosa (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEDec. 15thBV at Pagosa (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEDec. 20thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEDec. 24thNew England at DenverBRONCOS6:15p5:15p
EAGLEDec. 31stLA Chargers at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p

January 2024

StationDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
EAGLEJan. 3rdSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEJan. 5thBanning Lewis at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
PEAKJan. 5thFlorence at Salida (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEJan. 6thDenver at Las VegasBRONCOSTBDTBD
EAGLEJan. 9thBV at St Mary’s (DH)BB6:30p + 8:00p6:15p
PEAKJan. 9thSalida at Rye (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEJan. 10thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEJan. 11thBV at Woodland Park (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
PEAKJan. 11thSalida at Peyton (DH)BBTBDTBD
PEAKJan. 12thManitou at Salida (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEJan. 13thBV at Ellicott (DH)BB12:30p + 2:00p12:15p
EAGLEJan. 16thSummit at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
PEAKJan. 17thCSCS at Salida (DH)BB6:00p + 7:30p5:45p
PEAKJan. 17thAtlas Prep at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEJan. 18thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
BOTHJan. 18thDual – Center at SalidaWR5pN/A
PEAKJan. 19thSalida at Atlas Prep (DH)BBTBDTBD
EAGLEJan. 23rdBV at Rye (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
PEAKJan. 23rdSalida at St Mary’s (DH)BB6:30p + 8:00p6:15p
EAGLEJan. 24thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKJan. 25thWoodland Park at Salida (DH)BB6:00p + 7:30p5:45p
EAGLEJan. 27thLamar at BV (DH)BB2:30p + 4:00p2:15p
PEAKJan. 27thLa Junta at Salida (DH)BB1:30p + 3:00p1:15p
EAGLEJan. 30thCSCS at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
PEAKJan. 31stJames Irwin at Salida (DH)BB6:00p + 7:30p5:45p

February 2024

StationDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
EAGLEFeb. 1stSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKFeb. 2ndSalida at Banning Lewis (DH)BBTBDTBD
EAGLEFeb. 2ndBV at Vanguard (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEFeb. 6thManitou at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEFeb. 8thBV at James Irwin (DH)BBTBDTBD
PEAKFeb. 10thSalida at Lamar (DH)BBTBDTBD
EAGLEFeb. 13thSalida at BV (DH)BB5:30p + 7:00p5:15p
EAGLEFeb. 14thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
BOTHFeb. 15thState Wrestling – Ball ArenaWRTBDN/A
BOTHFeb. 16thState Wrestling – Ball ArenaWRTBDN/A
BOTHFeb. 17thState Wrestling – Ball ArenaWRTBDN/A
BOTHFeb. 17thDistricts – 1st RdBBTBDN/A
BOTHFeb. 20thDistricts – QtsGBBTBDN/A
BOTHFeb. 21stDistricts – QtsBBTBDN/A
EAGLEFeb. 22ndSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
BOTHFeb. 23rdDistricts at Florence HSBBTBDTBD
BOTHFeb. 24thDistricts at Florence HSBBTBDTBD
EAGLEFeb. 28thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A

March 2024

StationDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
TBDMarch 1stRegionals – Final 32BBTBDTBD
TBDMarch 2ndRegionals – Final 16BBTBDTBD
EAGLEMarch 6thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
TBDMarch 7thState Tournament – Final 8BBTBDTBD
TBDMarch 8thState Tournament – Final 4BBTBDTBD
TBDMarch 9thState Tournament – ChampBBTBDTBD
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