Rustic Living

Not All Furniture Is Created Equal

From Rustic Living Owner Randy Jackson:

“In 1996, as a sophomore in college, I built my wife, mother, and mother-in-law yard swings for Mother’s Day. Others saw them and my wife and I were soon in business using our shed in the backyard as a workshop. As demand and requests for new products grew, we had to expand… dramatically.

“There is one simple idea that has driven our success, governed our philosophy, and create our company culture since the beginning: Respond to customer expectation.

“It is a simple idea, but it requires our best efforts every single day as if guides everything we do. Our passion to respond to our customers’ desires for quality and affordability has compelled us on an unyielding quest for improvement. Our commitment to fulfill our customers’ rustic furnishing requests has led us to set the standard for product variety and customization of rustic designs.

“We now offer thousands of products with hundreds of options, flexibility of dimension changes, and a variety of stains for virtually limitless possibilities.

“We invite you to imagine the possibilities of transforming your home, lodge, restaurant, or resort into a rustic oasis with our extensive line of rustic products, because we understand far beyond anything an artisan can create lies the craft of bringing the hidden beauty of nature’s creations. Above all else, we hope our efforts will inspire you to realize your rustic aspirations of creating that genuine indoor mountain experience.”