Blue Mesa Reservoir Lake Trout Tournament Runs Through April

Blue Mesa Reservoir, near Montrose and Gunnison. (Image courtesy of

The Blue Mesa Reservoir Lake Trout Tournament returns in January with cash prizes for whoever reels in the most small lake trout. 

The tournament begins January 1st and continues through April 30th. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has held this tournament for three years as part of its management plan to reduce the number of lake trout in the reservoir that are 24 inches long or smaller. The trout, especially the smaller ones, prey on kokanee salmon, which CPW biologists hope to protect with this tournament. 

Anglers who catch the most fish will earn a large portion of the total purse, with first place earning $3,000, second place earning $1,500, and third place winning $1,000. 

To participate, anglers need a current Colorado fishing license. They can turn in the whole fish, or just the head, at one of the three boat ramps at Blue Mesa Reservoir.   

Dan R