Chaffee Housing Authority Director Stepping Down

During their November 17th meeting, the Chaffee Housing Authority Board of Directors were informed that Becky Gray, the Director of Housing, is stepping down.

Director of Housing Becky Gray

“Chaffee County is a special place,” said Gray, “and while I have enjoyed my work here immensely, it is time for me to refocus my professional life to be closer with my family.” Gray also said that she is very pleased with the accomplishments Chaffee County has made since taking the position in 2018.

Board Chair Craig Nelson stated that while the Chaffee Housing Authority is sad to see Gray go, he is confident that during this transitional period the organization will stay on track to meet its strategic goals. Gray will coordinate with staff on the transition plan.

In 2021, The Chaffee Housing Authority adopted a strategic plan that focused on organizational operation, advocacy, housing stability supports, and housing development. They continue to operate the grant-funded Rental Deposit Guarantee Program, the city funded Salida Open Doors Program, advocate for housing affordability in land use code updates and development, assist residents with a host of housing-related matters, and manage the development of Jane’s Place, a seventeen-unit rental housing project in Salida.

Since 2022, the organization’s roughly $158,000 annual budget has been augmented by over $3 million that Gray secured through various grant sources.

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Terry West