Jury Returns Verdicts in Trujillo Trial

Talmage Trujillo (Image: Facebook)

The jury in the trial of Talmage Trujillo, the former principal of Salida High School, returned their verdicts. 

Trujillo was facing three charges related to a September 23, 2021, incident at Salida High School when the school was placed on lockdown after a potential threat from a minor who was not a student. Police say Trujillo was with that minor and wouldn’t tell police where they were or where they were going.   

Trujillo was found not guilty of obstruction of government operations, and guilty of the misdemeanor charges of obstruction of a police officer and harboring a minor. 

Trujillo has another trial date set for December 21st and 22nd related to the events of February 2, 2022. That’s when Trujillo was arrested for a second time after allegedly erasing evidence from his phone in front of police.

The Salida School District has released a statement saying pending the resolution of all charges brought against Trujillo the Salida School District Board of Education will discuss next steps at the following regular meeting of the board.

The District went on to say the Salida Schools, the Police Department, the School Resource Officer and all other first responders will continue to work together to ensure that all schools are safe and that they will continue to enhance the safety and security measures in a collaborative effort with local partners to better deliver support to students, staff and community. 

Dan R