Buena Vista Police Reporting Two Stolen Vehicles

The Buena Vista Police Department is asking for your help to located two vehicles that have been reported stolen.

The BV Police note that several vehicles have been reported stolen over the summer, with three in the past two weeks. In every incident, the doors were left unlocked and the keys were left in the vehicle.

The Buena Vista Police Department added, “Please, lock your doors and don’t leave keys in the vehicle. Contrary to popular opinion, Buena Vista is not Mayberry.”

The first vehicle is a 1998 Toyota crew-cab pick-up that was stolen late last night or early this morning from the area of S. Colorado Ave. The pick-up is dark green and has Colorado license plate 604XWA. There was a decal of a white llama silhouette in the back window, and a sticker of a chair on fire on the rear bumper.

Another stolen vehicle, this one from the area of CCR 317. This vehicle is a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with a red topper and Colorado license plate 415A0J.

If you have any information about either vehicle, or if you see them, please call the Buena Vista Police Department at (719) 395-8654.

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