Salida Superintendent Blackburn Addresses the Reopening of School this Fall

Salida Superintendent David Blackburn sent an open letter to parents addressing the reopening of school this fall.

Dear Families and Community Members,

Thank you so much for your patience with the schools and with each other as we look to reopen schools in the fall. 

First, I expect to reopen schools with in-person instruction. While the situation and knowledge about COVID-19 is dynamic, we do know more than we did in March. Schools are an essential facet of society and we must find a way to come back. With that in mind you will find a draft document attached to this communication that outlines the district level plan for reopening schools. 

While we plan for as much in-person instruction as possible, families must individually evaluate their risk management scenario to know how they will respond. 

In addition, with the tourist season in full swing we must work hard to mitigate the spread of sickness in our community. Our schools will not reopen without concentrated and coordinated effort from our entire community. How careful you are today will influence how much in-person instruction we can offer in the Fall.

Be careful and conscientious–your actions matter.  

David Blackburn
Salida Superintendent

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Terry West