Salida Officer Forced To Shoot Dog After Responding To 911 Call

Salida Police Chief Russell Johnson says a Police officer shot a dog yesterday while responding to an emergency call of a man with a gun.

During the evening of October 23rd, 2019 Salida Police Officers were dispatched to Walmart for a theft. The store loss prevention chased a male subject out of the store and the individual headed towards the Monarch Spur Trail.

Officers arrived in the area and began looking for the suspect. While they were looking, they receive a 911 call to the address of 610 Walnut St. The caller stated there was a white male at the residence who had a gun. As the communications center began to ask questions, the caller hung up.

Officers immediately cleared the Walmart call and responded to 610 Walnut St. Once officers arrived, they attempted to contact the occupants at 610 Walnut St. As the officers made contact with several of the residents, a dog that was in the yard charged at one of the officers. The officer backed all the way out to the alley behind the residence, but the dog continued to come at him.

Fearing for his safety and knowing that an officer was bitten by a dog at that address several months prior, the officer discharged his firearm shooting the dog one time. The dog then ran off.

The officers spoke with the occupants of the residence trying to find out more information about the man with the gun. They learned that no one at that residence called the police. While there, two male subjects were placed under arrest for outstanding warrants.

As the officers further investigated the 911 call, they had the communication center run trace on where the 911 phone call originated. It was later found that the caller who placed the 911 call to 610 Walnut St. placed the call from Monarch Spur Trail area. This was most likely a diversion so the Walmart thief could get away.

At this time officers are working on obtaining warrants for the male subject for the incident at Walmart and the false reporting of a 911 call to 610 Walnut St. The Officer who discharged his firearm was placed on Administrative Leave pending an investigation into the case which will also include a review of body camera footage.

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