Public Hearings to Review Meadows Farm Outdoor Theater and Event Venue’s Application

2019 Seven Peaks Music Festival in Buena Vista ( West)

The Chaffee County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners will hold public hearings to consider a major impact review of an application from The Meadows Farm Outdoor Theater and Event Venue in Buena Vista to host several upcoming large events.  

The request from The Meadows of to permit up to twelve large scale events, events of over 1,000 attendees, per year; to allow these larges scaled events to be approved by 1) submittal of an Event Plan to Chaffee County; and 2) an Administrative Review approval process with the County; and to allow small scale events, events under 1,000 attendees, as a use by right on the site and to have no limitations on the number of these events that can be hosted each year.  

The public hearing will take place tonight at 6 pm in front of the Planning Commission and April 20 at a Board of Commissioners meeting.  

Both meetings will be available through Zoom.  

Additional information regarding the specifics of this application is available for public inspection by going to the Planning and Zoning page at    

All interested persons are encouraged to attend one of the public hearings via Zoom or submit a statement with opinions and comments on the proposed land use change.  

Dan R