Press Release: City of Salida Secures $4 Million in Grants to Enhance Community Infrastructure and Address Workforce Housing Needs

Salida, CO- The City of Salida is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a total of $4 million in grants to support vital infrastructure projects and address workforce housing needs in the community. These significant investments will bolster the city’s efforts to enhance livability, promote economic development, and ensure housing remains affordable for the local workforce.

The grants and  additional commitments include:

  1. State Awards for South Ark Neighborhood Infrastructure Phase I: The City of Salida has been awarded two separate $2 million grants through the Strong Communities and More Housing Now initiatives for a total of $4 million to support the South Ark Neighborhood Infrastructure Phase I project. This funding will facilitate the development of essential infrastructure in the South Ark Neighborhood, paving the way for future growth and development in the area. DOLA Executive Director, Maria de Cambra, said in the award letter that “DOLA is excited to fund/support local governments who are partnering on affordable housing projects in their communities. Your jurisdiction’s successful land use planning and other work that supports affordable housing development has made your jurisdiction/project more competitive for funding in this initiative”.
  2. Local Commitments from Chaffee County and Colorado Mountain College: Chaffee County and Colorado Mountain College have each committed up to $1 million to support the South Ark Neighborhood Infrastructure Phase I project. Both entities recognize the importance of this initiative in meeting the workforce housing needs of the community and are ready to partner with the City of Salida to make it a reality.

Mayor Dan Shore expresses gratitude for the grants and partner commitments, emphasizing their significance in advancing the city’s goals. “These grants and awards represent a tremendous vote of confidence in the future of Salida,” Mayor Shore states. “By investing in essential infrastructure and addressing workforce housing needs, we are laying the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable community for generations to come.”

In addition to the grant awards and partner commitments, the City of Salida has committed $1.25 million towards the completion of the South Ark Neighborhood Infrastructure Phase I project. By leveraging government funding and partner support, the city aims to minimize the financial burden on homeowners and ensure that housing remains affordable for all residents.

The City of Salida extends its appreciation to DOLA, Chaffee County, Colorado Mountain College and all partners involved in making these investments possible. Together, we are building a brighter future for Salida and its residents.

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