Chaffee County Women Who Care Donates $15,900 to Mindfulness in the Jail

Chaffee County Women Who Care (CCWWC) is proud to announce that local nonprofit Mindfulness in the Jail was chosen as the financial award recipient for second quarter 2024. On Tuesday, April 9, 2024, local women across Chaffee County gathered at A Church in Salida to hear funding proposals from three local organizations including; Jane’s Place, Buena Vista Heritage, and Mindfulness in the Jail Program. After each nonprofit representative gave a pitch on how funding would be used and the potential impact of the group’s support, the CCWWC membership voted for the winner.

“It was a very special evening where women across our region came together to learn and give,” stated Sandy Visnack, CCWWC steering committee member. “Our members are so generous, not only with their time and financial resources, but also with their hearts. They care about the communities across Chaffee County and know that their collective membership in Chaffee County Women Who Care make a positive impact.”

Mindfulness in the Jail is an organization dedicated to assisting our incarcerated population at Chaffee County Detention Center (CCDC) in their efforts to be skillful while in jail and healthy family and community members upon their release. We achieve this through offering inmates a 12-week Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence course (The Path of Freedom), yoga classes, and re-entry resources.

“The profoundly generous financial award from Women Who Care positively impacts some of our most vulnerable and underserved populations, those incarcerated at CCDC, and indirectly impacts the safety and well-being of their families and our community,” states Denise Ackert, Coordinator of the Mindfulness in the Jail Program. “These funds will enable us to increase our reach within the jail and support folks as they transition back into our community.”

“Mindfulness in the Jail is one of over forty nonprofit organizations eligible for funding through Chafee County Women Who Care, now 159 members strong,” says Visnack. “We are always looking to reach more local women to join our membership organization and have an even greater local impact. I encourage local women to come as a guest to our next meeting and check us out. I guarantee they will come away inspired by what they hear.”

The next meeting of Chaffee County Women Who Care will take place on Tuesday, July 9th at Cornerstone Church in Buena Vista. CCWWC members will hear presentations from the Historic Saint Elmo and Chalk Creek Canyon, Chaffee County Early Childhood Council, and Chaffee County Hospitality. To join Chaffee County Women Who Care or for more information, visit this link or find us on Instagram or Facebook. For more information about Mindfulness in the Jail, visit

About Chaffee County Women Who Care: Since 2018, Chaffee County Women Who Care We has provided a means by which women in our county can combine their giving to allow for more sizable impact gifts to non-profit organizations working to meet needs and enhance the quality of life for all in Chaffee County.

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