Press Release: City of Salida Amendment to Interstate Parking Contract

Salida, CO- After discussions with community members, the Parking Working Group, City Council and City Staff, the City of Salida put forward an amended Contract with Interstate Parking at City Council’s April 16th meeting. City staff has been diligently collaborating with Interstate Parking and community groups to pinpoint specific areas of concern and community needs regarding parking.

Among the top priorities identified through these discussions has been the need for enhanced parking compliance. Currently, the city operates parking zones with time limits, which are inconsistently enforced. There is also a growing necessity for a deeper understanding of downtown parking dynamics, including usage patterns by Salidans and tourists.

Starting this summer season, Interstate Parking will be collecting data on Downtown parking patterns and helping with compliance of Salida’s already existing parking laws. Under the amended contract, Interstate Parking will appoint one personnel dedicated to ensuring parking compliance four days a week from May 15, 2024, to September 15, 2024. During the same timeframe, they will conduct comprehensive data analytics.

This strategic amendment underscores the City of Salida’s commitment to addressing parking challenges in a systematic and data-driven manner. By bolstering enforcement efforts and gathering data, the city aims to identify future parking asset needs and improvements effectively.

Mayor Shore expressed confidence in the amended contract, stating, “This collaboration with Interstate Parking marks a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance parking management within our community. By leveraging data analytics and compliance, we are poised to make informed decisions that will benefit residents, businesses, and visitors alike.”

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