Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to be careful in the backcountry after a moose trampled a hiker in Teller County this week. 

In a news release, Colorado Parks and Wildlife detailed the scary interaction between a cow moose and two hikers and their animals. The hikers were on Crags Trail off Highway 67 in Teller County.

The two hikers had three dogs with them, reportedly all on leashes. While hiking, they came upon a cow moose and its calf. The hikers tried to go around the moose, but the moose felt threatened, triggering the moose to trample one of the hikers. After getting the moose off the individual, the hikers attempted to run with the moose in close pursuit. 

Eventually, the moose gave up and the hikers and their dogs were able to make it back to their vehicles and only suffered minor injuries.