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Morphew’s Attorney’s Allege Prosecution Is Hiding Evidence

Barry Morphew (Image: Chaffee County Sheriff's Department)

In a hearing that lasted for hours Tuesday (Nov. 9th), Barry Morphew’s defense attorneys alleged that the prosecution hid evidence from the defense, specifically conversations prosecutors had with law enforcement about the case.  

Barry Morphew is accused of murder in the death of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, around Mother’s Day of 2020. Her body still has not been found.  

Yesterday’s hearing was initially set to address things like pre-trial publicity, but they weren’t able to make it that far. Morphew’s defense team quickly brought up their concerns about evidence and the courtroom spent the next four hours hearing about it.  The defense’s accusations centered around the concern that the prosecution didn’t release several pieces of evidence, specifically pertaining to what law enforcement knew about the case.  

The defense also brought up concerns that a CBI agent was not upfront about what he knew about DNA evidence during the preliminary hearing. He testified that he didn’t know much about DNA evidence found on Suzanne’s glovebox. Although, the defense alleges that he knew more that he led on.  

The defense subpoenaed six witnesses to back up their claims at yesterday’s hearing.  

The defense brought up that they think Morphew’s bond could have been set much lower that it was and that the case may not have been held over for trial if all the evidence was presented transparently to the defense.  

The prosecution maintains that they’ve hidden nothing throughout this case.  

Judge Patrick Murphy ultimately asked the defense to file a motion specifically detailing their concerns, he said he would address that motion at another hearing scheduled for December 14th.  

Dan R