Fall Sports Schedule

Heart of the Rockies Radio is your home for Buena Vista and Salida sports.

Here’s the official 2023 – 2024 Heart of the Rockies Radio fall sports schedule!

The Buena Vista Demons and Denver Broncos can be heard on Eagle Country 104, and the home of the Salida Spartans is The Peak 92.3. All games are simulcast on-air and online.

August 2023

StationDayDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
EAGLEFri.Aug. 11thPRE – Broncos at ArizonaBRONCOS8:00p7:00p
EAGLEWed.Aug. 16thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLESat.Aug. 19thPRE – Broncos at San FranciscoBRONCOS6:30p5:30p
EAGLEWed.Aug. 23rdSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEFri.Aug. 25thSalida at BVFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLESat.Aug. 26thPRE – LA Rams at BroncosBRONCOS7:00p6:00p
EAGLEMon.Aug. 28thCuster County at BVVB6:00p5:45p
EAGLEWed.Aug. 30thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A

September 2023

PEAKFri.Sept. 1stWoodland Park at SalidaFB7:00p6:00p
PEAKTue.Sept. 5thSalida at La VetaVB6:00p5:45p
EagleWed.Sept. 6thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEThurs.Sept. 7thBV at SalidaVB6:30p6:00p
PEAKFri.Sept. 8thRye at SalidaFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLEFri.Sept. 8thBV at CentauriFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLESat.Sept. 9thBV at Del NorteVB1:00p12:45p
EAGLESun.Sept. 10thLas Vegas at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p
EAGLETue.Sept. 12thMonte Vista at BVVB6:00p5:45p
EAGLEWed.Sept. 13thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKThurs.Sept. 14thSalida at Coal RidgeFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLEFri.Sept. 15thBV at GunnisonFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLESun.Sept. 17thWashington at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p
EAGLETue.Sept. 19thCrested Butte at BVVB6:00p5:45p
PEAKTue.Sept. 19thSalida at James IrwinVB6:00p5:45p
EAGLEWed.Sept. 20thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKThurs.Sept. 21stCenter at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
PEAKFri.Sept. 22ndDel Norte at SalidaFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLESat.Sept. 23rdBV at LimonFB1:00p12:00p
EAGLESun.Sept. 24thDenver at MiamiBRONCOS11:00a10:00a
EAGLETue.Sept. 26thBV at SanfordVB6:00p5:45p
EAGLEWed.Sept. 27thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKThurs.Sept. 28thManitou at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
PEAKFri.Sept. 29thCortez at SalidaFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLEFri.Sept. 29thBV at North ForkFB7:00p6:00p
BothSat.Sept. 30thSalida Home XC – VandaveerXC10amLive Updates
PEAKSat.Sept. 30thLa Junta at SalidaVB2:00p1:45p
EagleSat.Sept. 30thTrinidad at BVVB2:00p1:45p

October 2023

EAGLESun.Oct. 1stDenver at ChicagoBRONCOS11:00a10:00a
PEAKTue.Oct. 3rdWoodland Park at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
EAGLEWed.Oct. 4thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKFri.Oct. 6thSalida at DeltaFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLESat.Oct. 7thMeeker at BVFB1:00p12:00p
EAGLESun.Oct. 8thNY Jets at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p
EAGLETue.Oct. 10thSargent at BVVB6:00p5:45p
PEAKTue.Oct. 10thCSCS at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
EAGLEWed.Oct. 11thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKThurs.Oct. 12thEllicott at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
EAGLEThurs.Oct. 12thDenver at Kansas CityBRONCOS6:15p5:15pm
PEAKFri.Oct. 13thSalida at BayfieldFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLEFri.Oct. 13thBV at Roaring ForkFB7:00p6:00p
PEAKTue.Oct. 17thSalida at VanguardVB6:00p5:45p
EAGLEWed.Oct. 18thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
PEAKThurs.Oct. 19thBanning Lewis at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
BothFri.Oct. 20thBV XC Regionals – at BVXC11amLive Updates
PEAKFri.Oct. 20thPagosa at SalidaFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLEFri.Oct. 20thOlathe at BVFB7:00p6:00p
BothSat.Oct. 21stSalida XC Regionals – TBDXCTBDTBD
EAGLESun.Oct. 22ndGreen Bay at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p
EAGLETue.Oct. 24thLake County at BVVB6:00p5:45p
PEAKTue.Oct. 24thSt. Mary’s at SalidaVB6:30p6:15p
EAGLEWed.Oct. 25thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEFri.Oct. 27thCedaredge at BVFB7:00p6:00p
EAGLESat.Oct. 28thBV Home VolleyballVBTBDTBD
BothSat.Oct. 28thState XC – Norris PenroseXCTBDTBD
EAGLESun.Oct. 29thKansas City at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p

November 2023

EAGLEWed.Nov. 1stSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
TBDFri or SatNov. 3rd or 4thRegional VB – 3A/2AVBTBDTBD
TBDSat.Nov. 4th1st Round FB – 2A/1A PlayoffsFBTBDTBD
EAGLEWed.Nov. 8thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
TBDThurs.Nov. 9thState VB – 3A/2AVBTBDTBD
TBDFri.Nov. 10thState VB – 3A/2AVBTBDTBD
TBDSat.Nov. 11thState VB – 3A/2AVBTBDTBD
TBDSat.Nov. 11thFB QTRS – 2A/1A PlayoffsFBTBDTBD
EAGLEMon.Nov. 13thDenver at BuffaloBRONCOS6:15p5:15p
EAGLEWed.Nov. 15thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
TBDSat.Nov. 18thFB SEMIS – 2A/1A PlayoffsFBTBDTBD
EAGLESun.Nov. 19thMinnesota at DenverBRONCOS6:20p5:20p
EAGLEWed.Nov. 22ndSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
TBDSat.Nov. 25thFB FINAL – 2A/1A PlayoffsFBTBDTBD
EAGLESun.Nov. 26thCleveland at DenverBRONCOS2:05p1:05p

December 2023

EAGLESun.Dec. 3rdDenver at HoustonBRONCOS2:05p1:05p
EAGLEWed.Dec. 6thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLESun.Dec. 10thDenver at LA ChargersBRONCOS2:25p1:25p
EAGLEWed.Dec. 13thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLESun.Dec. 17thDenver at DetroitBRONCOSTBDTBD
EAGLEWed.Dec. 20thSports in the Rockies – ElevationSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLESun.Dec. 24thNew England at DenverBRONCOS6:15p5:15p
EAGLESun.Dec. 31stLA Chargers at DenverBRONCOS2:25p1:25p

January 2024

EAGLEWed.Jan. 3rdSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLESun.Jan. 6thDenver at Las VegasBRONCOSTBDTBD
EAGLEWed.Jan. 10thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEWed.Jan. 17thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
EAGLEWed.Jan. 24thSports in the RockiesSHOW6:00p-7:00pN/A
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