Decker Fire Turned Over to Local Authorities

Management of the Decker Fire has been turned over to local units.

With minimal fire activity, most of the firefighters with the Type 3 team have been demobilized.  Those remaining will continue to work on taking care of the logistical concerns, and to minimize the Incident Management Team’s impact on the community. 

Local crews will monitor smoke and act if necessary.  As the weather warms, dry fuels that retained heat are starting to warm back up.  These large and heavy fuels have created some heavy smoke.  No fire spread is expected to occur. 

Moisture from the snowpack will eventually put the fire out. 

Dan R

Danny “Dan R” Ridenour has been in radio and television broadcasting for 42 years, starting as a senior in high school at KAMO in Rogers, Arkansas.

Dan attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas from 1978-82 (where he picked up the name Dan R after his fraternity brothers couldn’t pronounce his last name), majoring in Radio/Television. Dan lived in Jonesboro for 10 years working in radio and then was a TV weatherman for ABC affiliate KAIT Channel 8.

Television was a little boring when compared to radio, so Dan returned to hosting radio morning shows in Nashville, Memphis, Oklahoma, and then eventually, Colorado.

Dan enjoys being involved in the community, having been an member of the Upper Arkansas Service Club and is currently on the board of directors for the Salida Community Center and is a member of the Chaffee County Fair Committee.

Dan and his wife Carrie spend their days doing everything the mountains have to offer: hiking, camping, fishing and skiing. They raised 3 children together and have 2 grandchildren.
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