Chaffee County Community Foundation Trying to Reduce Health Insurance Cost

The Chaffee County Community Foundation has teamed up with Peak Health Alliance in an effort to reduce health insurance cost and increase transparency for consumers. 

A steering committee has been formed by CCCF who will be responsible for the community engagement, and decision making about how to negotiate with local providers, and ultimately, if and which carriers to use for Peak Health plans in 2021.

The steering committee has two goals: First, the committee wants to increase the transparency and sense of ownership and voice of community members and employers with the health care providers and carriers. Second, the committee aims to be able to negotiate lower health insurance premiums to be available to Chaffee County residents for the 2021 coverage year. 

The deadline for insurance carriers to submit their 2021 rate and plan proposal to the state’s Division of Insurance is May 31st.  The Chaffee County Community Foundation will be working to engage community members, employers, providers and other stakeholders over the next 6 to 8 weeks with the goal of getting a significant number of Letters of Intent signed demonstrating interest from individuals and employers of all sizes in potential Peak Health plans. This letter is non-binding.  

If you would like a copy, they are available online at

Terry West

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