Buena Vista Schools moved to ‘Secure’ Status Wednesday in Response to Denver School Shooting

The Buena Vista Police Department moved Buena Vista Schools into “Secure” status on Wednesday, March 22nd.   

A press release issued overnight by Buena Vista Police Chief Dean Morgan read, “On the morning of March 22nd, we learned of yet another school shooting in Colorado, this time at East High School in Denver. It was reported that two administrators had been shot and that the suspect was headed southbound on Highway 285 and into the mountain areas. This information prompted the BV Police Department to ask the BV Schools to go into a ‘Secure’ status. ‘Secure’ means that all exterior doors of a school are locked, and all staff and students outside the school are brought inside. An increased law enforcement presence was maintained at the schools. Due to the suspect’s direction of travel, the Secure level was requested as a precautionary measure.”

It was learned later in the night that the suspect’s vehicle had been located in Park County, and a body had been found near the vehicle belonging to 17-year-old Austin Lyle. The search for the suspect was called off.   

Buena Vista Schools will continue as usual today.

Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw has confirmed that the suspect’s vehicle and a body were found on County Road 68 in Bailey. The Park County Coroner is conducting his investigation and will issue an update on the person’s identity and manner of death as available.

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