The safety and protection of the youth we serve is always our absolute highest priority and we take any situation that might impact their well-being very seriously. A few weeks ago, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chaffee County learned of a police investigation into allegations involving a former employee. The employee, Brandon Wells, was employed by the Buena Vista Club starting in November 2018 until his resignation on March 30, 2023.

We immediately cooperated with police investigators and the Department of Human Services (DHS) and continue to offer our full cooperation as needed. We were told that the initial investigation was closed after it was determined that allegations did not involve our organization or any Club members. Our BV Club kids use the school’s bathrooms, which are monitored by our front desk staff continuously. The BV front desk staff sit directly across from the youth bathrooms.

DHS let us know that they were satisfied with the safety protocols at our Clubs, including but not limited to employee screening, background checks and the prohibition of one-on-one interaction between adult staff and members. Our commitment to our Club members, their families and our community is unwavering. We were told that if new information arises, that that information should be immediately communicated to BGC Executive Director, Brian Beaulieu. We are saddened by this serious matter and prepared to respond to the needs of our members. As information becomes available, we will continue to be helpful, transparent and proactive in all safety responses.

Safety is our number one priority at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chaffee County. As always, we are here to provide resources to support our youth, teens and families. Crimes of abuse or ill-intent run counter to everything our organization stands for – no harm should come to any child, under any circumstances. Please refer to the following link for support through BGCA:

Gwen Allen Brian Beaulieu
Board Chair Executive Director 512-431-2603