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Barry Morphew Asked About Immunity

Barry Morphew (Image: Chaffee County Sheriff's Department)

The preliminary hearing for Barry Morphew continued yesterday. 

Day 3 of the preliminary hearing centered around a needle sheath for a tranquilizer dart and a live bullet, which was found inside the Morphew’s home.  It was also disclosed that Barry discussed immunity in an interview with investigators. 

49-year-old Suzanne Morphew has been missing since May 10, 2020 from the Maysville area after going out for a bike ride and never returning. Her body has yet to be found.      

Almost a year to the day following her disappearance, 53-year-old Barry Morphew was arrested and charged with first degree murder after deliberation, tampering with physical evidence, and an attempt to influence a public servant. 

Yesterday started with the Defense cross examining FBI Agent Jon Grusing who detailed the five trash runs Barry allegedly made in Broomfield on May 10, 2020.  Grusing was asked if his theory was that Barry drove from Salida to Broomfield carrying evidence of a murder.  Grusing answered, “Yes.” 

The Defense then asked Grusing about a tranquilizer dart cap that was found in a dryer at the Morphew home on May 19.  Grusing replied that Barry said he was not sure how long it had been there and that he had nothing to do with it.  Grusing also confirmed that the cap was tested for DNA and Barry’s DNA was not a match.   

In a redirect, DA Jeff Lindsey confirmed with Grusing that on the morning of May 10, Barry turned left on Highway 50, the opposite direction of Salida and Broomfield.  Grusing said Suzanne’s helmet was found farther up the road on the left.   

Lindsey said the drive from Salida to Broomfield is about three hours each way and noted that Barry’s cell phone was on airplane mode from 10:17 pm to 4:30 am May 10.  Lindsey asked Grusing if that was enough time to leave the Morphew home, drive several hours and dispose of a body.  Grusing said, “It is.” 

CBI Agent Derek Graham was next to take the witness stand.   

Graham testified that the tire track casings found near where Suzanne’s helmet was located did not match Barry’s truck or two Range Rovers.  DNA collected from the helmet also did not match Barry’s DNA.   

Chaffee County Undersheriff Andy Rohrich described for the court going to the Morphew home after receiving the missing persons report on May 10.  Rohrich said investigators found an unspent .22-caliber shell on Suzanne’s side of the bed.  He said her journal was missing but materials similar to the journal were found in the home’s fireplace.  He also talked about Barry Morphew’s hands and arms showing injuries in various stages of healing when he was photographed on May 13.   

Retried FBI Agent Grusing was called to retake the stand where he told the court that Barry Morphew had asked Grusing during an interview about immunity, asking him, “Can you give me immunity if I sit and just open up my life to you?”  Grusing said he believed that meant Morphew believed investigators could help him out if he told them about Suzanne’s disappearance and death.     Barry Morphew will be back in front of District Judge Patrick Murphy today to conclude the preliminary hearing.    

Dan R