Avalanches Continue in Backcountry

More people were caught up in large avalanches in Colorado over the weekend—near Jones Pass and Loveland Pass—in what continues to be a dangerous season for people in the backcountry.   

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center said the one on Jones Pass was “very large” and was triggered by a snowmobile and the avalanche near Loveland Pass was human triggered as well.   

No one was seriously injured in either avalanche but both required Search and Rescue missions.   

Thicker slabs of snow have been building over the past few weeks and are sitting on top of a weakened layer of snow that formed in November and December across the state, which has led to an influx of avalanches in a season where officials and forecasters expect more people in the backcountry because of the coronavirus pandemic.   

Four people were killed in avalanches in Colorado in December. 

Dan R