Articles by Joe Stone

Ripples of pond management reach water conservancy district

State water officials for the Arkansas River Basin raised eyebrows in 2021 when they began applying state water law to ponds. The effects of the new pond-management plan have now rippled into the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District.

Aspire claims ‘misunderstandings’ as opponents raise issues

The Chaffee County Planning Commission heard testimony Tuesday during the continued land-use hearing for the Aspire Tours outfitting, camping and agritourism business proposed for 44 acres along the east bank of the Arkansas River northwest of Salida.

Divers preparing for North Fork gate swap

A scuba-diving crew is finalizing plans to spend two to four days diving in North Fork Reservoir to replace a damaged slide gate that controls the reservoir’s water releases.

Commissioners approve BlueTriton permit

Chaffee County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the BlueTriton Brands 1041 permit conditions after another round of deliberations Tuesday, ending a months-long process delayed and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding for sustainability plan added to draft BlueTriton permit

An updated draft of the proposed BlueTriton Brands 1041 permit includes $30,000 for “development and implementation” of a comprehensive county sustainability plan. Once fully approved, the permit would allow BlueTriton to continue using Ruby Mountain Springs groundwater for its Arrowhead bottled water operations.