Westcliffe Homicide Suspects Fighting Extradition Back to Colorado

Hanme Clark and Nancy Rae Medina- Kochis (Image courtesy of Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center)

The two suspects that law enforcement have in custody in connection to the shooting that left three dead and one wounded in Custer County, are now fighting extradition to Colorado. 

On November 20th a shooting northeast of Westcliffe left two men and one woman dead, as well as one woman with multiple gunshot wounds. Investigators believe Hanme Clark carried out the shooting after a long-standing dispute over an easement with neighbors. Clark and his girlfriend, Nancy Medina Cochis made their first court appearance in New Mexico last week, following their arrest after the two went on the run for over 24 hours from law enforcement. 

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Now the two are fighting extradition back to Colorado, which means they’ll be held on no bond for 30 days in an Albuquerque jail. 

Clark faces three counts of first-degree murder, and another charge of attempted murder. Nancy Medina Cochis faces a charge of being an accessory to Clark in the aftermath of the shooting.

Dan R