Video of Alleged UFO Captured Above Salida

Thursday was World UFO Day. On June 24th in 1947, a pilot recorded what is considered to be the first “modern” UFO sighting. During a routine flight, pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to see nine “saucer-shaped” craft flying in formation above Mt. Rainier in Washington. He descibed them moving like a “saucer skipping on water.” The sighting was widely reported on at the time and led the media to coin the term “flying saucers.”

But did you know there is a famous UFO sighting right here in Salida?

Out There Colorado reported on a video that allegedly shows an unidentified flying object captured in the sky above Salida. The video was shot in 1995 by Tim Edwards and his 6-year-old daughter. It’s hard to tell where in Salida this video was filmed, and the UFO is little more than a blurry line.

This video has appeared on many news and television programs nationwide, including the National Geographic series “Chasing UFOs” where it was called “one of the most compelling” they’ve seen.

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