“Time Traveler” Facing DUI Charges [Stoopid Criminal Files]

If you’re going to try to pass yourself off as a time traveler, at least understand the difference between the future and the present.

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There’s a 42-year-old guy named Jason Kolb from Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Last week, he went up to a group of people and told them he built a time machine and he’d traveled back in time from the future.

So… what year did he claim he was from? 


Apparently he was high on something and he believed it was 2015. And he showed dates on his mail and the expiration date on a can of oysters to prove he was from 2019. Which, of course, he was. All of us are.

Anyway, the cops came, and Jason was arrested for a DUI. He also had an outstanding assault warrant and the cops found a small baggie of white powder on him. 

Terry West

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