Judge Rules Three-day Gun Sale Waiting Period to Continue in Colorado Despite Federal Lawsuit

Handgun store shelves. (Image: iStock 1326757134)

A judge ruled Monday that a law that created a three-day waiting period for all gun sales in Colorado will continue to be enforced while a federal lawsuit against it plays out. 

The law went into effect October 1st, 2023. 

In August, the pro-gun organization Rocky Mountain Gun Owners filed a lawsuit against Governor Jared Polis and requested that the law’s enforcement be put on hold. The organization argued the law violated the Second Amendment. However, a judge rejected that request, and the organization withdrew the lawsuit voluntarily. 

Then, when the law went into effect, the group refiled the lawsuit and once again requested that the law be put on hold while the lawsuit went through the courts. A separate judge rejected this new request Monday. 

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners issued a response to the ruling and said it would not stop fighting. 

Dan R