The Cotopaxi Store working to give comfortable environment to locals and guests

As you head down the canyon towards Canon City, the only real stopping point along most of the way after leaving Howard seems to be the Cotopaxi Store.

Cotopaxi Store owner Ann Langford

This placement along the highway has been very good for the store in the past, and is once again helping things along during the current pandemic.

Ann Langford has been in and around the store for the better part of 50 years, and by this point, she has seen a lot. That’s why, when COVID-19 arrived, the store didn’t see a massive shift. Space was allowed for social distancing when possible, and the dining room was closed, but outside of that, it has been business as usual for the Cotopaxi Store.

The changes have brought questions from some of the regulars, but in some ways, Langford says it has brought attention to some of the features, including their carry-out to go orders for food.

There are struggles, with getting supplies for a smaller store in a time when shortages are starting to abound isn’t easy. Things like toilet paper and paper towels are still difficult to get, and yeast has been non-existent for nearly three months.

The biggest goal for Langford, is really to give people, whether local or out of town, a comfortable experience when you walk in the store, and on that goal, things have been as successful as ever for the little store down the canyon.

Caleb Burggraaf