We don’t normally reach out with these specific concerns but tough times are ahead.

The survivors we work with are losing work and facing dangers in their households. An increase in rental assistance requests are already being seen and it is anticipated that we will receive more requests than we are able to accommodate. 

Please consider a financial gift to The Alliance today so we can help prevent homelessness or the return to a dangerous home during this stressful time.

“Mary” is a previous client who reached out yesterday. Mary, a mother of 2 small children, has a job in a local hotel but is is no longer working due to the shut-downs. In addition to this income, she depends on financial support from her ex-abuser who is awaiting a court ruling after being arrested for domestic violence. His hearing has been delayed by 90 days and he is withholding funds, not following orders of the court. Mary is in a lease and risks losing her home if unable to pay.

Your gift today can help Mary stay in her home.

Mary is just one of many examples of the people we serve who are experiencing additional needs at this time.

Our long-term housing budget was already limited and we do not have the funds to meet the additional need for rental assistance for those impacted by COVID-19.

Please, send your financial contribution today. A link to donate can be found at: www.alliancechaffee.org. Donations can also be sent to: P.O. Box 173, Salida, CO 81201.

Many thanks and good health to all of our supporters!