Tail-Waggin’ News: From The Heart

How exciting to be starting this new adventure, writing “Tail Waggin’ News” for Heart of the Rockies Radio, on behalf of the Ark-Valley Humane Society.

The subject matter, companion animals and their welfare is dear to my heart because I am, like so many of you, an animal lover. It is pleasantly ironic that these stories begin in November, a season we associate with giving thanks for what is good in our lives. Companion pets are certainly good. They warm our hearts with unconditional love, light our souls with joy and give us purpose. Our faithful companions make our lives healthier. They make us humans complete.

They are good for our emotional and physical well-being. They lessen our stress and improve our heart health.

Their antics make us laugh.

Their play keeps us active.

Their joyful greetings cheer us.

They are good listeners and do not judge. They remind us we are not alone as they cuddle at our feet, by our sides and in our laps.

They are part of our families and our community. They will be the subject of “Tail-Waggin’ News, stories “from the heart.”

About Ark-Valley Humane Society

Founded in 1991, Ark-Valley Humane Society advocates for the welfare of all animals through compassion and care. With a Live Release Rate of 98%, Ark-Valley Humane Society is dedicated to providing each animal with the care they deserve and the hope for a second chance. In 2022 AVHS sheltered 677 dogs and cats. Over 1,833 animals were helped through our programs & services. Our vision for the future is a safe and humane world for all companion animals.  

Ark-Valley Humane Society