SUZANNE MORPHEW TIP LINE: If you have any information regarding this investigation please contact Chaffee County Sheriffs Office: (719) 539-2596 or Chaffee County Crime Stoppers: (719) 539-2599.

Suzanne Morphew’s Family Organizing Search

Suzanne Morphew (Image: Facebook)

Suzanne Morphew was last seen going on a bike ride on Mother’s Day near her home in Maysville.  

Now, her family tells NBC’s Dateline they are taking action into their own hands to bring Suzanne home.   

Morphew’s brother, Andrew Moorman of Alexandria, Indiana, said on Dateline, “I’m tired of waiting. I can’t stand the lack of information anymore. I need boots on the ground I need to find my little sister, and I’m putting forth an effort right now.” 

A team of volunteers is set to leave Indiana and start searching in Chaffee County on September 23.   

Moorman went on say to say, “I need all the help I can get. We’re taking boats, kayaks, four wheelers. I need dirt bikes, I need rock climbers, mountain climbers.  Everything you can imagine that might run over that terrain.” 

Morphew’s brother said he is hoping to get a thousand or more people, saying, “Anybody that wants to go, join in.” 

Dan R