Sitting down with Buena Vista Activities Director Troy Baker

The school year officially begins next week for everyone, and there is a lot going on in the Buena Vista School District.

This week, we went to Buena Vista to talk with Activities Director Troy Baker about what fans can expect when they roll up to games in Buena Vista this fall, and how they can best manage the construction which will be ongoing during the school year.

Plenty more as well, as we talked participation, possible successes for teams, and just how getting back to the school routine is going.

Caleb Burggraaf

A Colorado native, Burggraaf has had a passion for sports broadcasting since he was a freshman in high school in Pagosa Springs.

This led him to Mesa State College (now Colorado Mesa University) in Grand Junction, where he became the Sports Director at KMSA 91.3 in just his sophomore year. By the time he graduated, Caleb built a broadcasting program that covered nearly 400 games in the two and a half years.

2018 was his first year as a member of Heart of the Rockies Radio, and Caleb helped bring over 200 games and local games to the airwaves, and he is looking forward to continuing that path this season as the sports program continues to grow!
Caleb Burggraaf

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