Salida Art Student Wins ‘Golden Key Award’

Salida High School’s Visual Arts student, Opal Juba’s stippling piece titled “Jackson” was submitted to the National Art Education Association’s Scholastic Awards Arts Competition this past December and was awarded a Regional Gold Key Award, for the state of Colorado, which honors artwork demonstrating the highest level of achievement in originality, personal voice, and technical skill.

To put it into perspective, over 20,000 pieces of artwork are submitted regionally, and out of the 20,000 pieces, only 5% receive a Gold Key Award. A Gold Key is the highest honor one can receive at the regional level. The Scholastic Awards competition receives approximately 320,000 pieces of work nationally, where 16 pieces will be selected for high honors and large scholarship awards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Opal’s 16” x 20” ink stippling, created from a photo she took of her cousin, Jackson, (taking nearly 3 months to complete), was on display last Saturday, February 17, at the Denver Art Museum. From there it will be digitally submitted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the National Awards.

Janine Frazee, Opal’s high school art teacher, said “This is such a high honor for Opal.  I am extremely proud of her for all her hard work and dedication to the Arts in the SHS Art Program and for winning such a prestigious award, she is so deserving.” Opal plans to pursue a degree in Art Education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Dan R