Remaining Hippie Radio Auction Deals

Did you miss any of the Hippie Radio Auction? Check out all of the deals that are still available!

If you want any of the available deals, call us to order: (719) 539-2575! You can pay by credit or debit card, and we’ll mail your gift certificates right to you. It’s as easy as that!

All deals are first come, first serve. Get it on these amazing deals before they’re gone!

BusinessDealSale Price
The Dog House Pet Grooming$25 Gift Certificate$15
The Essential Store$10 Gift Certificate$6
14er Wieners$10 Gift Certificate$6
Good Skin Matters$25 Gift Certificate$15
Hopp Piza & Pub$25 Gift Certificate$15
Hunger Trailer$10 Gift Certificate$6
IntegrateHoney Facial$66
Los Camelinas$15 Gift Certificate$9
Manipura Juice$10 Gift Certificate$6
Manhattan HotelRoom 1$130
Manhattan HotelRoom 2$126
Mt. Princeton Hot SpringsAdmission For One$15
Mt. Princeton Trail Ride1 Hour Ride$25
Mt. Princeton Trail Ride2 Hour Trail Ride$35
Mt. Princeton Trail RideSunset Trail Ride$35
Riveting Experience Jewelry$20 Gift Certificate$12
Robin’s Restaurant$15 Gift Certificate$9
Royal Gorge Dinosaur ExhibitAdmission For Two$12
Salida Fly1/2 Day Fishing Float$240
Salado Restaurant$25 Gift Certificate$15
Salida DermatologyLeg Laser Hair Removal$175
Souled Out T-Shirts$10 Gift Certificate$5
Surf Hotel$275 Gift Certificate$165
Tree Line Restaurant$15 Gift Certificate$9
Vino Salida$25 Gift Certificate$15
Whimsey & Wellness$10 Gift Certificate$6
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