Local bartender and manager Diamond Redfeather was recently celebrated for his record 10 years being voted Salida’s best bartender in the annual “Best of Salida” survey.

Currents Steak and Seafood, 122 F Street, where Redfeather has tended bar for many years hosted a gathering of friends and patrons Dec. 28 to celebrate.

Redfeather grew up in the area after his family moved from Ohio when he was two or three years old and settled in Poncha Springs. His father was a traveling silversmith. The Redfeather family is proud of their Chumash and Lakota heritage.

Two of his four siblings Star Belmonte and Beaver Redfeather, also live and work in Salida. Belmonte owns The Mixing Bowl, another F Street business, and Beaver owns and operates Redfeather Painting. Two other sisters Pam and Sunshine live in Seattle, Washington and in Rifle, respectively.

Redfeather currently splits his time between the downtown restaurant and bar and the owner’s second restaurant, Iron Horse Steakhouse in Poncha Springs.

Currents holds a special place in his heart, however. “Being downtown is amazing,” Redfeather said.

He said his favorite part of the job of tending bar is getting to know the guests. “I’m a people person,” he said.

It’s not just about serving drinks for him, however. “It’s caring about people and listening. So many people need to have someone listen to them and I’m good at that,” Redfeather said.

Redfeather, who has been with his wife Kelly for 26 years said they chose to stay in Salida because the community is a good place to raise kids.

The couple has raised two sons here Dylan, 26, and Damon, 21, who both live in the area. I love it, ” Dylan and wife Sydney have two sons of their own, Easton Michael, 3, and Braxton James, 3 months.

Redfeather, who, now tends bar at Currents Mondays and Tuesdays said he hopes to spend more time downtown in the new year.

The recent full house at the eatery to celebrate his achievement may indicate the community echoes that sentiment.