Proposed Salida Water and Sewer Rate Increases Explained

The City of Salida is considering a rate increase for water and sewer utilities beginning early next year. 

The city says the proposed increase would provide the necessary revenue to pay for maintenance of existing infrastructure and preserve the city’s high-quality service levels for customers. 

The proposed changes include a water rate increase of 3% and a sewer service increase of 4.5%. This would result in an overall average monthly bill increase between 3.1 and 3.7% increase for residential customers. 

That means residents could expect to see an increase between $2 and $3.50 on their monthly bill. 

Commercial customers could expect a monthly bill increase between 3.6 and 3.8 percent, or an increase of $2 and $4 per month for smaller users, and up to $60 per month for large customers. 

The City says that they have not increased water and sewer rates in four years as recommend by a 2015 comprehensive water and wastewater rate study. 

The Salida City Council is still considering the rate increase and residents are invited to provide their input at the next city council meeting on Tuesday, December 3rd. 

Dan R

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