Playoff picture becoming more clear for local teams

While not every local team is in the playoff hunt currently, there are a few who are seeing their picture become a bit more clear. Let’s take a trip through the current look of football, volleyball and soccer for the locals.

#1 Salida will play #32 Alamosa on Friday or Saturday at home. Spartans will host through the Quarterfinals if they keep winning.
#12 Cotopaxi will travel to #5 Prairie for a rematch of last weekends 20-12 loss. Game will be at 2 pm on Saturday. Listen on The Peak 92.3.

#11 Buena Vista currently is opposite of #6 CSCS. This most likely will be changed by the seeding committee if it stays were it is at. #5 is Florence, so the Demons would probably be seeded #10 and travel to #7 Centauri for the first round or the postseason. There is also the chance they could be moved up to take on #4 Meeker. They will play Monte Vista this Friday to finalize their RPI placement.
#28 Buena Vista would currently head to #9 Bayfield for their region, along with #16 La Junta. The Demons still have a road match at Gunnison and their home tournament with 5 total matches left to play. That means a lot of movement could still happen, but the Demons will most likely stay in the 27 to 32 range of the RPI with current numbers.

#16 Cotopaxi is in a different place at the 1A classification than 2A up. District tournaments start this week, with Saturday's four team final deciding which three will go to regionals. The Pirates would trade their District 6 with District 1 in the Regional tournament. Win the district tournament, and they will host regionals.

Confused? Hopefully not but if so, don’t feel ashamed. It’s a log to dig through. A lot still to be decided, but this hopefully gives you a better roadmap!

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