Pet Patrol

PET PATROL: Male shaggy dog found

This is the Pet Patrol, powered by Peakview Mortgage.

We need your help to find the owners of a lost dog.

The dog is brown and tan, and was found on County Road 148 and Highway 285. It is male with shaggy fur like a shepard. There is no photo of the dog available.

If you have any information on his/her whereabouts, please call Connie at 539-5508.

The Pet Patrol is powered by Peakview Mortgage–Proudly re-uniting lost pets with their families! Save money and have the best mortgage experience of your life with Matt Wierzbinski of Peakview Mortgage. Call (719) 221-3897. Peakview Mortgage, NMLS number 1764010.

Caleb Burggraaf