Pet Patrol

PET PATROL: Do You Recognize This Dog?

The Pet Patrol, powered by Chili Heads, needs your help! Is this your dog?

A female husky mix—dark gray with white paws and markings, with light blue eyes—wandered into a yard in Mesa Antero Estates on May 9th, around 6pm. She looks like she is or recently has been nursing. She’s got a light blue canvas collar, but no tags.

Do you recognize this dog? If so, call James at 609-933-7306.

The Pet Patrol is powered by Chili Heads, Salida’s Head Shop–Proudly re-uniting lost pets with their families! Chili Heads has the lowest prices and biggest selection in Salida! 112 Rainbow Blvd, Unit A in Salida, or online at

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