New Data Suggests COVID-19 Peak Cases Will Happen in May

Image: CDC

The Colorado Department of Health is predicting the peak for the virus infection rate has been pushed back to next month. 

Colorado Public Health Incident Commander Scott Bookman says that on the surface, that sounds bad indicating Colorado could see more cases than what was initially thought but, Bookman says, it is actually good news for the state.

By slowing down the progression of the disease it is giving hospitals and health care workers extra time to prepare for a potential surge. 

At a news conference yesterday, Bookman talked about what happens after the peak in May.  Does that mean people can go back to their normal lives with restaurants and businesses being opened? Unfortunately, that is probably not the case.  Bookman says social distancing measures will be in place for the near future until a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 is created.  

Terry West

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