Mysterious Nighttime Drone Sightings Continue in Colorado

The Associated Press has confirmed reports of mysterious nighttime drone sightings continue in Colorado.

Clusters of drones flying at night over northeastern corner of the Centennial State have remained a mystery to local law enforcement officials who are trying to learn the identities of the operators and the purpose of the flights.

Sheriff’s offices in Lincoln, Washington and Sedgwick counties have been getting calls this week about the unknown winged devices after initial reports came out of Phillips and Yuma counties.

The drones reportedly have at least a 6-foot wingspan and have been observed flying in grid-like patterns hundreds of feet in the air in groups of six to ten over Colorado.

No laws are being broken and shooting them out of the sky could break federal law.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Army Forces Command said they do not have information about the drone flights.

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