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Morphew Wants His Seized Property Back

Barry Morphew (Image: Chaffee County Sheriff's Department)

Barry Morphew is looking to reclaim property that was seized by authorities.   

Morphew is scheduled to appear in court October 25th for a hearing. According to court documents, a motion to return property was filed May 26th. Barry Morphew was once facing murder charges tied to the disappearance of his wife Suzanne. His criminal charges were dismissed on April 18th.   

According to the motion, the prosecution has been in possession of Barry’s property for more than two years and, “there is no link between the property to the location or circumstances of Mrs. Morphew’s disappearance.” 

A statement from Morphew’s attorney says, in part, “We alleged in the motion the items should be returned to Barry as they are being unlawfully held for no legitimate purpose. As the law recognizes, Barry is innocent and in this country we just don’t hold people’s property when there are no charges pending. As you recall, District Attorney Linda Stanley dismissed the ‘no-body homicide’ because she suddenly believed (after two years) that the body was important in pursuing charges against Barry. In April 2022, nine days before trial, Ms. Stanley represented they were about to get to Suzanne, but they were stymied by the 6 feet of snow that covered the ground. Of course, this was a false promise and the prosecution’s way to get out from under a trial that would have exonerated Barry.”  

Suzanne was reported missing on Mother’s Day in 2020. To date, her body has not been found.   

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