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Morphew Back in Court

Barry Morphew, the man accused of killing his wife Suzanne Morphew, was back in court late Thursday afternoon for the second time since his arrest on May 5th. 

The majority of the hearing centered around evidence Morphew’s defense team wants to be turned over. The defense claimed prosecutors failed to turn over any discovery within 21 days of Morphew’s first court appearance. 

The prosecution argued Morphew was officially charged on May 18th, and his first court appearance since then was Thursday, meaning the 21 days began on May 27th. The prosecution said they are in the process of renumbering the documents. 

While Judge Patrick Murphy agreed with the prosecution regarding the dates, he ordered them to give the defense the arrest affidavit by end of business June 2nd. 

He did approve the defense to have immediate access to the search warrants. 

In addition to the release of information, the defense brought up concerns surrounding preserving evidence. The defense requested the prosecution to “preserve” all text messages and emails exchanged between law enforcement and the District Attorney. 

Morphew is currently charged with Murder in the first degree, Tampering with a deceased human body, Tampering with physical evidence, Possession of a dangerous weapon, and Attempting to influence a public servant.

The arrest affidavit for the murder charge is still sealed.   

In another case, Barry Morphew is charged wit forgery of a public record and election fraud for allegedly using his wife’s ballot to cast a vote in the 2020 Presidential election. 

Due to a crowded docket and a long backlog due to Covid-19, the next hearing won’t be until the end of summer.  Morphew is set to be back in court August 9th.    

Dan R