Meet Siren – The Kitten Found Trapped Under the Lariat’s Stage in Buena Vista

Before and After: Siren when she arrived, and before she went home.

This past year, the programs and services provided by Ark-Valley Humane Society helped change the lives of 1,546 cats and dogs. 

Siren loudly meows to you that hers was one of those lives changed for the better when she was found and brought to Ark-Valley Humane Society. Siren was found under the stage at the Lariat in Buena Vista. Kind rescuers disassembled the stage to safely extricate her and brought her to our AVHS shelter. Sadly, she had a spinal injury that left her unable to walk.

Our veterinarian prescribed medication, and Siren was placed into a loving foster home where she received around the clock care. Slowly, she began to improve and even started to move her legs. Each day she grew stronger and showed progress by socializing with the cats and dogs in her foster home. Clearly she was enjoying her new, second chance at life.

Today she loves to play and romp around like any other kitten, which she does in her new forever home. Her adopter said Siren’s story stole her heart, as she personally uses a wheelchair to get around. This pair immediately bonded, their lives are changed, filled with warmth and joy.

You, too, can experience such happiness by adopting a cat or dog who needs your love. Just reach out to AVHS at or call 719-395-2737.  

A deserving animal’s life will be changed, and so will yours.

Ark-Valley Humane Society