Judge Rules That Penrose Funeral Home Co-Owner Will Go To Trial

Carie Hallford (Image courtesy of the Muskogee County, Oklahoma Jail)

During a court hearing yesterday, a judge ruled that Carie Hallford, one of the owners of the Return to Nature funeral home, will go to trial. 

Hallford will face 260 counts including 190 counts of abuse of a corpse, four counts of money laundering, five counts of theft, and 61 counts of forgery. She and her husband, Jon Hallford, are accused of improperly storing 190 decomposing bodies inside their funeral home in Penrose. 

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In his findings, the judge ruled there was enough probable cause to send Carie to trial on all charges. The judge also reduced Carie Hallford’s bond from $2 million cash only to $100,000 cash surety. The judge did the same for her husband two weeks ago. 

Carie Hallford will be back in court on March 21st for arraignment. Jon Hallford will appear in court on February 8th for a preliminary hearing.    

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