Is It a Cold, Flu, RSV, or COVID-19?

Cold, Flu, RSV, or COVID-19

Symptoms of flu, colds, RSV, and COVID-19 can be very similar. If you are sick, stay home regardless of which illness you have. 

Testing for COVID-19 is still encouraged in order to make informed decisions about how to protect yourself and those around you, and to access early treatment if appropriate.

A PCR test is processed through a lab and has the highest level of sensitivity and reliability.

At-home rapid tests, sometimes called antigen tests, are convenient and widely available. Keep in mind that if you have been exposed to COVID or have symptoms and you have a negative home test, you should repeat the test again in 48 hours. Read the instructions carefully and call your local public health agency if you have questions.

If you have a positive home test, please call the Public Health Department in your county of residence for isolation guidance. 

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