History Does Rhyme – Episode 7: HUMBUG! The Betrayals, Conflicts, and Struggles of Establishing Denver, Colorado

History Does Rhyme

If you have spent time in Denver, Colorado, you may have heard the names Larimer, Wynkoop, and Stout, but you probably do not know why the surnames are honored.

Today, Denver is a thriving metropolitan city, the newest destination of tech companies, California transplant, and a place of noticeable wealth. But in the 1850s, it was a grassland, occupied only by Native Americans and virtually unknown to citizens of the United States.

Gold, rather the hopes for gold, changed all of that, bringing in tens of thousands of prospectors, land speculators, and those seeking to escape law and order. From that complicated stew, a city emerged at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Caleb Burggraaf