History Does Rhyme – Episode 2: PARTNERS! The Triumphs and Tragedies of Elias Webb & Edward Corbin

You’ve probably never heard the names Elias Webb & Edward Corbin, but their legacy still resonates in Colorado even though both men died over 120 years ago.

Webb & Corbin had a hand in nearly everything modern in the mountain town of Salida. They constructed iconic buildings that still stand. And the men helped establish a building and loan, church, private school, and a top-notch fire department. You can trace much of the city’s attitude of selfless community service and even the first use of electricity to Elias Webb & Edward Corbin.

Their friendship, a brotherhood actually, ended decades too soon because of tragedy, leaving only one question: “What would have been their impact on Colorado if both men lived out their natural lives?” 

Caleb Burggraaf