Heat times and events for state track released

The heat sheets for the 2021 State Track Meet in Denver have been released.

Salida, Buena Vista, Lake County, South Park and Custer County are all sending athletes to compete, with plenty of success expected. Take a look at when they will be competing!

2A Girls High JumpLake CountyJaycee Windorski1:30 PMThursday
2A Boys Pole VaultLake CountyJace Peters2:00 PMThursday
2A Boys Triple JumpBuena VistaBrennan Pratt2:30 PMThursday
2A Girls 100South ParkJordan Burnett2:30 PMThursday
 Lake CountyAurora Marruffo  
 Buena VistaJasmine White   
 Buena VistaMaya Schuknecht  
2A Boys 100Lake CountyAnthony Martinez2:35 PMThursday
2A Boys 4×200Lake County 3:30 PMThursday
2A Girls 100 HurdlesCuster CountyKaydin Moore4:00 PMThursday
2A Girls Triple JumpCuster CountyKaydin Moore4:00 PMThursday
2A Boys 110 HurdlesLake CountyAnthony Martinez4:10 PMThursday
2A Girls 4×800Buena Vista 4:30 PMThursday
 Lake County   
3A Boys 4×800Salida 5:15 PMThursday
2A Girls 200South ParkJordan Burnett6:05 PMThursday
2A Boys 200Lake CountyFabian Jimenez6:10 PMThursday
2A Girls 3200Buena VistaZaila Smith6:30 PMThursday
 Buena VistaMallory Salazar  
 Lake CountyKeira King  
 Lake CountyViolet Hill  
 Lake CountyAdele Horning  
2A Boys 3200Custer CountyMicah Zeller6:45 PMThursday
 Lake CountyJace Peters  
2A Girls 400South ParkJordan Burnett7:05 PMThursday
2A Boys 400Lake CountyFabian Jimenez7:13 PMThursday
 Custer CountyJonah Carichner  
3A Girls 400SalidaQuinn Smith7:20 PMThursday
2A Girls 4×100Buena Vista 9:00 AMFriday
2A Boys 4×100Lake County 9:08 AMFriday
3A Boys 3200SalidaElijah Wilcox10:30 AMFiday
2A Girls 300 HurdlesCuster CountyKaydin Moore10:50 AMFriday
2A Boys 300 HurdlesLake CountyAnthony Martinez11:15 AMFriday
 Lake CountyJace Peters  
2A Girls 800Buena VistaZaila Smith12:40 PMFriday
 Buena VistaMallory Salazar  
2A Boys 800Custer CountyMicah Zeller12:45 PMFriday
 Lake CountyFabian Jimenez  
3A Boys 800SalidaHollister Beddingfield1:05 PMFriday
2A Girls Pole VaultLake CountyMorgan Holm2:00 PMFriday
 Lake CountyAurora Marruffo  
2A Boys 4×400Lake County 3:23 AMFriday
2A Boys High JumpSouth ParkCaleb Lindberg8:30 AMSaturday
2A Boys Long JumpBuena VistaBrennan Pratt10:00 AMSaturday
 Lake CountyAnthony Martinez  
2A Girls 1600Buena VistaZaila Smith11:10 AMSaturday
 Buena VistaMallory Salazar  
 Lake CountyKeira King  
 Lake CountyViolet Hill  
 Lake CountyAdele Horning  
2A Boys 1600Custer CountyMicah Zeller11:20 PMSaturday
2A Girls Long JumpLake CountyAurora Marruffo1:00 PMSaturday
 Buena VistaJasmine White   
3A Boys 1600SalidaElijah Wilcox2:55 PMSaturday
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