Gone to the Dogs keeping pets and owners happy and safe during pandemic

During the pandemic, our little furry friends became a huge part of our lives, or at least a bigger part of our daily routines.

Laura from Gone to the Dogs talks about the current state of affairs

Gone to the Dogs did have to close the doors for a short amount of time in terms of grooming and face to face services, but owner Laura says their goal never changed of making sure premium pet products were available to anyone in need of them in the valley.

Grooming was probably the biggest area affected, and while it took some time, appointments are beginning to take on a more normal look after a mad dash to get dogs who hadn’t been seen in several months back in.

Talking grooming and what owners can expect

There are obviously new procedures as well when taking your pet into either of the Gone to the Dogs locations. For starters, masks are mandatory when visiting either store. The self dog wash stations are still available to the public, but only one animal is allowed in at a time and the area is sanitized after every use.

You can find out more information about Gone to the Dogs by checking out their website here!

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